Visual Arts

From painting, printmaking, and sculpting, there is something for everyone here.

The visual arts course at St. Thomas of Villanova are open to all grade nine and ten students.  In these beginning years, students learn techniques and skills that allow them the opportunity to reflect and interpret what they see.  They learn good observational skills so that they can reproduce imagery. They also learn how to explore their own personal style in order to  expand their skills as budding artists.

Students have the opportunity to explore many materials and subject matter as well as learn about the history of art and why the art of the past connects with our futures.

As the students expand as artists, they can take senior classes which will prepare them for college and university.  This is where students begin to experiment more with their ideas, techniques and imagery which allows them to have more personal perspectives regarding their creative processes.

Imagery is proudly displayed throughout the school and showcases the talents, hard work and commitment students have for the program.

Creativity is alive and well at Villanova!