Physical Education

Health and Well Being for Life

Physical Education

Welcome to the St. Thomas of Villanova Physical Education Department.  Our priority is to promote the healthy development of all students through movement skills and strategies by participating in a wide variety of sports and activities.   We engage our students in learning about the factors that contribute to health and well being and in building skills to live healthy, active lives well beyond highschool.  

Our students enjoy an opportunity to learn while participating in a variety of activities.  Some of our units in grade 9 include our traditional sports like soccer, basketball and volleyball but we also introduce activities like the weight room and learn through cooperative games.  We further support our students’ healthy development by discussing and promoting how to make healthy choices.   We accomplish this through our teachings about healthy eating, substance use and abuse and human development.

All our physical education students partake in fun recreational activities such as skating, bowling, paddle boarding, yoga and so much more.  This is in hopes that they discover a lifelong activity that will inspire them to continue to live a happy healthy life.  

Our department works alongside many community partners to allow our students to participate in these activities.  One community partner in particular is Second Chance CPR.  All grade 9 students will have the opportunity to become CPR certified with one of their highly trained instructors.  At Villanova we believe that physical education is important and an opportunity for our students to learn while participating in fun activities. 


Frequently Asked Questions

My child is nervous about phys-ed class particularly because they do not participate in any sporting activities. Can they still be successful?

Many students feel very nervous and anxious about physical education class – especially in grade 9.  Students will very quickly learn that we promote participation and encourage effort above all in class on a daily basis.  Many students with little or no experience in organized sports are very successful. In fact, they enjoy their experience so much that they continue their studies in our department throughout highschool. 

Are the students required to wear a physical education uniform and where can I purchase one?

All physical education students are required to wear a uniform in order to participate in class.  The uniform can be purchased using cash online.  Once purchased, students will receive their uniform from their teacher during the first week of classes.  We have shirts, shorts and sweaters in all sizes available for purchase. 

Why should my child take health and physical education after grade 9?

While grade 9 builds the foundation for Healthy Active Living,  grade 10 and on further helps develop the understanding and importance of physical activity in one’s life.  Students pleasantly leave grade 9 feeling good about themselves and enjoy the cooperative learning environment they just experienced.   In grade 11 and 12 students have an opportunity to continue with physical education or choose a more specific class such as Healthy Living and Personal Fitness, Introduction to Kinesiology, or Recreation and Healthy Active Living Leadership.

What future opportunities are presented through physical Education?

In grade 11 and 12 students are eligible to take more specific physical education courses.  Our fitness course provides students with the basic principles of fitness and weight training while learning to plan and implement a workout.  Our leadership course offers our students an opportunity to learn how to plan and coordinate an event, be a mentor to students and provide leadership to younger students as a leader in Muskoka Woods. Our Intro to Kinesiology course focuses on the study of human movement and on the systems, factors, and principles involved in human development. 

A great opportunity available to senior students in Physical Education is our Special High Skill

Major in Health and Wellness. Health and Wellness enables students to build a foundation of sector-focused knowledge and skills before graduating and entering apprenticeship training, college, university, or an entry-level position in the workplace. This SHSM may be designed to have a particular focus – for example, on health care, fitness, or child care and family services.