Accommodating all learning styles using a variety of strategies.


Welcome to the Villanova Math Page!

Grade 8 students no longer have to choose between applied and academic math classes. The new grade 9 destreamed math course enables students to consolidate and continue to develop an understanding of mathematical concepts related to number sense and operations, algebra,
measurement and geometry, data management and financial literacy.  Students will use mathematical processes, mathematical modelling, and coding to make sense of the mathematics they are learning, and apply their understanding to culturally responsive and relevant real-world situations. Students will continue to enhance their mathematical reasoning skills, including proportional reasoning, spatial reasoning and algebraic reasoning, as they solve problems and communicate their thinking.  Students will develop and explore a variety of social-emotional learning (SEL) in a context that supports and reflects the learning in connection to the other strands.

Typically, students coming into Grade 9 should have the following prerequisite skills:

  • knowledge and understanding of fractions, integers, order of operations and proportional reasoning 
  • some knowledge of algebraic reasoning and how to solve a linear equation  (ex. Solve for x in x – 7 = 3)
  • proficiency in applying measurement formulas such as the area of a rectangle and volume of a rectangular prism and geometry concepts such as angle theorems
  • skills in graphing scatter plots
  • number sense (e.g. understanding the meaning of zero, adding and subtracting integers on a number line)

In an effort to accommodate all learning styles, curriculum will be delivered using a variety of strategies, including collaborative activities, using online graphing and geometry tools, and direct instruction. Students will be expected to complete homework every day.

Our math teachers are accessible and always willing to help out struggling students. In a typical year, most teachers in the Math Department offer after school Homework Help at least once a week. 

The math department looks forward to seeing your children next September.

Kind regards,
Lorna Baltrusiunas
Mathematics Department Head


Frequently Asked Questions

How many math courses are required for a high school diploma?

A student must have credits in 3 math courses from grades 9, 10 and 11.  This means that grade 12 math is optional.  However, there are multiple grade 12 math courses available depending on what a student needs for post-secondary requirements.

What are the different streams for math?

Math courses in grades 11 and 12 are destination based:  Workplace, College, and University.  In junior grades, while grade 9 math is destreamed, currently students still have a choice between academic and applied courses in grade 10.

What are the objectives to de-streaming grade 9 courses?

  • To phase-in de-streamed grade 9 courses and support students to be successful in de-
    streamed courses.
  • To dismantle the systemic racism associated with streamed grade 9 courses that has
    contributed to the marginalization of some students, including Black, Indigenous and
    racialized students, students from low-income households, students with disabilities and
    other students with special education needs.
  • To remove barriers and support more students to graduate from secondary school and
    pursue post secondary pathways of their choice.

What do math exams typically look like?

A final exam in math is worth 30% of the student’s overall grade and is a cumulative representation of what the students have learned throughout the course.  In grade 9, students typically write the EQAO math test at the end of the semester in addition to an exam. This year (2021-2022) marks on the EQAO test will contribute 5% to the final grade and the final exam will contribute 25%.

What does the STEM program at Villanova entail?

The program offers enriched science, geography, technology, and mathematics courses as well as opportunities and field trips coordinated through the University of Windsor.

What are Villanova EQAO math scores?

Grade 9 students at St. Thomas of Villanova always do well on the EQAO Assessment of Math.  For the last year in which data is available, 2018-2019, 71% of our grade 9 applied learners and 93% of our grade 9 academic learners were at or above the provincial standard (levels 3 and 4).

Does Villanova have students participate in the Waterloo math contests?

Yes.  Students are usually invited by their math teacher to participate in writing a math contest for their grade level.  Announcements are also made school wide about participation in a math contest for those students who are not taking math at the time.  Contests for grades 9, 10 and 11 are written in February and again in April. February contests are multiple choice while those in April are full solution.  The Euclid contest for grade 12 students takes place in April.  

What are the university classes offered in grade 12?

There are three university math options offered in grade 12.   Students can choose from data management, advanced functions, and calculus and vectors (*advanced functions is prerequisite for calculus and vectors).  We highly recommend all students attending university to take the data management class as this will be an asset in their university statistics classes.  Also, many 4 year programs of study require a student to take a course in statistics and most past graduate programs of study require students to take statistics courses.