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Grade 9 Meet The Teacher Night

Welcome to our Virtual Grade 9 Meet the teacher evening. We hope you enjoy meeting your son/daughter’s teachers and get the answers you may be looking for. All of the links can be found below and are organized by Period. If your son/daughter has an IEP or are part of the Special Education program, Maggie Ducharme our Special Education department head will be hosting a google meet from 5:30-6:00pm to answer any questions that you may have.

  • 5:30pm - 6:00pm - Special Education / Individual Education Plan Information
  • 6:00pm - 6:10pm - Period One Google Meet or Video
  • 6:15pm - 6:25pm - Period Two Google Meet or Video
  • 6:30pm - 6:40pm - Period Three Google Meet or Video
  • 6:45pm - 6:55pm - Period Four Google Meet or Video

Welcome from our Principal Laura Beltran!

Prayer with Campus Minister Kathy Verardi

Student Services Information – Lisa Spada

Meet the Teacher Links

Special Education / Individual Education Plan Information -> 5:30pm – 6:00pm

M. Ducharme - Special Education Department Head

Period One Classes -> 6:00pm to 6:10pm

L. Baltrusiunas - Mathematics MTH1WO

F. Brunone - STEM Technology TEJ1OZ

M. Cuffaro - Geography CGC1PO

D. Gravelese - Geography CGC1D/1DZ

C. Knuckle - Mathematics MTH1WO

T. Palermo - Géographie CGC1DL

M. Tellier - Drama ADA1O

A.M. Brunet - Music AMU1O

J. Crep - Physical Education PPL1O

S. D'Amelio - Mathematics MAT1LO

NOTE: Please contact the teacher with any questions or concerns.

D. Janisse - English ENG1DO

A. LaPorta - Physical Education PPL1O

K. Roehler - Religion HRE1O

Period Two Classes -> 6:15pm to 6:25pm

F. Brunone - STEM Technology TEJ1OZ

J. Crep - Physical Education PPL1O

A. LaPorta - Physical Education PPL1O

S. Marentette - English ENG1D

N. Sassine - Learning Strategies GLS1O

S. Spadafora - Science SNC1DO

Mrs. Tindall - French Immersion 1DL

J. Ching - Mathematics MTH1W

M. Cuffaro - Geography CGC1PO

Mr. LeClair - Religion HRE1O

K. Rudling - Exploring Technology TIJ1O

L. Spada - French as Second Language FSF1DO

C. Thorton-Teti - Art AVI1O

K. Zajacz - Physical Education PPL1O

This is us.

Our Communication Technology SHSM program has put together a video explaining who we are.

Period Three Classes -> 6:30pm to 6:40pm

J. Adams - Dance ATC1O

A. Clebant - Religion HRE1OL

N. Gombai - Geography CGC1DO

G. O'Keefe - Hockey Academy PAI1O

N. Sassine - Physical Education PPL1O

M. Tellier - English ENG1PO

S. Wilder - Business BTT1O

F. Brunone - STEM Technology TEJ1OZ

B. Dziver - English ENG1DO

C. Knuckle - Mathematics MTH1WO

N. Ray - Religion HRE1O

S. Spadafora - Science SNC1DO

B. Tomsich - Mathematics MTH1WO

Period Four Classes -> 6:45pm to 6:55pm

T. Beale - Physical Education PPL1O

A. Clebant - Religion HRE1OL

B. Dufour - STEM Science SNC1DO

MJ Grado - Drama ADA1O

N. Ray - Religion HRE1O

N. Sassine - Catholic Studies

B. Tomsich - Mathematics MTH1WO

P. Brownlee - Geography CGC1DO

M. Cuffaro - Geography CGC1PS

S. Gombai - Science SNC1DO

Y. Mejalli - French FSF1DO

NOTE:  Please contact the teacher with any questions or concerns.

K. Roehler - Learning Strategies GLE1O

R. Scalzo - English ENG1DO

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