Campus Ministry

"Hand in hand for a better tomorrow, starting with today"

Campus Ministry

Welcome to Campus Ministry: Home of Villanova’s Campus Crew
Room 101, is a safe place and everyone is welcome.
Campus Crew is a faith group, that helps with faith development in the school and also outreaches to the community. We help with Society of St. Vincent de Paul, to our feeder Parishes whatever their needs are, help with community walks, such as suicide prevention walk annually through Canadian Mental health.
For our school we facilitate retreats, set up and participate with school Masses, prayers on the PA for morning prayer, or with any other faith development projects or social justice along with safe school projects that come up during the year.
Come join us, all are welcome!
"Jesus sits with us"

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We welcome you to contact us for more information
about any of our programs or questions you may have.

2800 North Townline Rd LaSalle ON, Canada N9H 0K3

(519) 734-6444

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