Villanova Athletics

Learning about hard work, dedication and sportsmanship.


Welcome to St. Thomas of Villanova Wildcat Athletics.  Our athletic department has a wide range of sports available to all students.  Our sports are divided into three seasons.  This gives our students an opportunity to play multiple sports throughout the school year.

Our dedicated teacher coaches and volunteers use the field or court as an extension of the classroom and provide our athletes with a safe place to learn and enjoy their high school experience.  We try and teach our student athletes about hard work, dedication, and sportsmanship – all while being part of a team and/or family.

As teacher coaches we work together for a common goal.  We strive to make our students’ high school experience rewarding and fulfilling so that they have the tools to enter the real world as successful young adults.  We help our athletes build confidence and take pride in the fact that they are Wildcats!

Many students enter grade 9 feeling nervous and unsure if they will be successful making a team, but with so many teams available to all our students, we encourage all grade 9’s to do their best and get involved with one of our programs.  Go Wildcats!

Fall Sports

  • Cross Country
  • Junior Boys Football
  • Senior Boys Football
  • Junior Boys Volleyball
  • Senior Boys Volleyball
  • Junior Girls Basketaball
  • Senior Girls Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Golf

Winter Sports

  • Boys Hockey
  • Girls Hockey
  • Junior Boys Basketball
  • Senior Boys Basketball
  • Junior Girls Volleyball
  • Senior Girls Volleyball
  • Swimming
  • Curling
  • Wrestling

Spring Sports

  • Badminton
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Boys Baseball
  • Girls Softball
  • Junior Boys Soccer
  • Junior Girls Soccer
  • Senior Boys Soccer
  • Senior Girls Soccer
  • Track and Field